Lifetime Title Holders

Lifetime Titles are granted by Monarchs when they step down to individuals that have either helped them out during their Reign or are very special to them

*Regent Reign*
Baron de Austin for Life – Doug Toman
Baroness de Austin for Life – Rona Bare-It

*Reign I*
Baron de Waco for Life – Richard Tracy
Baroness de Waco for Life – Carma Sue Snow
Crown Prince for Life – Dwayne Wiseman

*Reign V*
Crown Prince for Life – Danny Olsen
Mistress of Protocol for Life – Ericka Raye

*Reign X*
Crown Prince for Life – Geoff Torres
Prime Minister for Life – Joel Raymond

*Reign XI*
Bear-on I of the Texas Animal Empire, Eternal Crown Primate – Beauregard “BIG” Smith

*Reign XII*
Imperial Guardians to the Alamo Empire for Life – Dan Shackelford & Dutchess
Imperial Goodwill Ambassador for Life – Tencha

*Reign XIII*
Prime Minister for Life – Annette De Leon

*Reign XIII*
Imperial Son for Life to H.M.I.M. Jay Henry Smith – Michael Morgan-Russell.

*Reign XIV*
Imperial Crown Prince for Life – Daniel Morgan-Russell

*Reign XV*
Princess Royale for Life – Amber Rain Moye

*Reign XVI*
Princess Royale for Life Reign 16 – Olivia de Palma Lord
Little Brother to His Majesty for Life Reign 16 – George G.

*Reign XVII*
Prince Royale for Life Reign 17 – Roger Rodriguez
Imperial Consort for Life to H.M.I.M. Olivia de Palma Lord for Life Reign 17 – Ken Bradshaw

*Reign XVIII*
Cub Prince Royale for Life Reign 18 – Jeff Linder
Imperial Crown Princess for Life Reign 18 – Demanda Refund

*Reign XIX*
Imperial Crown Prince for Life Reign 19 – Ben Ramos

*Reign XX*
Arch Duchess de la Missions for Life Reign 20 – Dr. Rosie Valdez
Queen Mother for Life Reign 20 – Olivia de Palma Lord

*Reign XXI*
Imperial Crown Prince for Life Reign 21 – Sal Michael
The Lady Heather for Life Reign 21 – Heather St. John

*Reign XXII*
Imperial Guardian Angel for Life Reign 22 – George Woods
Goddess of His Majesties Paper Kingdom and Dreams for Life Reign 22 – Paper Doll

*Reign XXIII*
Guardian Knight for Life to Reign 23 – Gabino Knight Lord

*Reign XXIV*
Imperial Crown Prince for Life to Reign 24 – JR Harper Kane Jaymes Devo
Princess Royale for Life to Reign 24 – Pamela Michelle Hererra De Palma

*Reign XXV*
Imperial Crown Prince for Life to Reign 25 – St. Lucifer Lord

*Reign XXVI*
Imperial Crown Prince for Life to Reign 26 – Madness Kane-Jaymes Devo Knight Lord