Emperor 28

"The Sapphire and Onyx, Leather Loving Bear; Starbucks drinking, are my PANTS unbuttoned again? Emperor of Love, Devotion, and Community, " His Most Royal, Sovereign & Imperial Emperor XXVIII

Richard Heinsohn St. John

Empress 28

"The Black Diamond and Sapphire with a pinch of Ruby Rose of San Antonio, Everything Leather and Lace with a side of Sparkle, the Tequila drinking Goldilocks who stands for the future of Our Youth, the First Lady of Flamenco to the Alamo Empire" Her Most Royal, Sovereign & Imperial Majesty Empress XXVIII

Pamela Michelle Herrera Kane Jaymes McGuire Lord

Current Line of Succession


Imperial Crown Prince and Princess

Prince and Princess Royale

Yardley Poche

Prince and Princess de Alamo

Lupe Big Cuevas & JoAnn Lord

Prince and Princess de la Hemisfair

Ervin Martinez & Bev Devo Kane Jaymes

Prince and Princess de la Violate

Tony Garza & Melody Devo Kane Jaymes

Prince Paseo del Rio

Chris Rivera

Prince de Mercado

Robert Soliz

Prince de Fiesta

Markus Escobar


Grand Duke & Duchess

Duke de Valero

Juan Rodriguez

Duke de Espiritu Santos

Frankie Aguinaga

Duke & Duchess de San Francisco

Duke & Duchess de San Miguel

Tony Juarez & Stephanie Fishe

Duke & Duchess de San Fernando

Thor Thomson & Sasha Taylor

Duke de Concepcion

Gus Rodriguez

Duke de San Juan

Chris Roper

Duke de Espada

Lawrence Ruffo & Antonia Rios


Countess de Sol

Countess de La Luna

Count & Countess de la Estrella


King Fathers

Jon Woodward Cuadrado & Jeffrey McGuire

Queen Mothers

The Lovely Michele & Esmeralda Kane Jaymes