Current Line of Succession

Regent Emperor 33 and Empress 33 

Ervin BIG Wayves Lord & Mistress Melinda Wolf Powers


Crown Princess Royale

Jazmine Blake

Princess Consort to Her Majesty

Anna Birky


Countess del Sur

Autumn Summers

Count & Countess de la Estrella

Kriss Nicols &

Armani BIG D Andrews Berringer

Count & Countess del Cometa

Remington Steele-Frost &

Mercedes Frost-Powers

Count & Countess del Norte

Travis Devo Lord &

Destiny Harper

Count del Sol

Sunshine Eclipsed

Count de la Luna

Lupe BIG Lord


King Father to His Majesty

"The Major" Will Devo Lord from Hell

Queen Mother to His Majesty

Keana Lord

Queen Mother to Her Majesty

Jo Ann BIG-Doodle Devo Lord

Queen Mother to Her Majesty

Brandi Marie Kane-Jaymes Cilyn-Powers


Reign 33 Beneficiaries

Living Positive San Antonio


San Antonio Gender Association


We Are Alive, Inc.