Emperor 28

"The Sapphire and Onyx, Leather Loving Bear; Starbucks drinking, are my PANTS unbuttoned again? Emperor of Love, Devotion, and Community, " His Most Royal, Sovereign & Imperial Emperor XXVIII

Richard Heinsohn St. John

Empress 28

"The Black Diamond and Sapphire with a pinch of Ruby Rose of San Antonio, Everything Leather and Lace with a side of Sparkle, the Tequila drinking Goldilocks who stands for the future of Our Youth, the First Lady of Flamenco to the Alamo Empire" Her Most Royal, Sovereign & Imperial Majesty Empress XXVIII

Pamela Michelle Herrera Kane Jaymes McGuire Lord

Current Line of Succession


Imperial Crown Prince and Princess

Prince and Princess Royale

Yardley Poche & JoAnn Lord

Prince de Alamo

Lupe Big Cuevas

Prince and Princess de la Hemisfair

Ervin Martinez & Bev Devo Kane Jaymes

Prince and Princess de la Violate

Tony Garza & Melody Devo Kane Jaymes

Prince and Princess Paseo del Rio

Chris Rivera & Fiona Mawnrow

Prince and Princess de Mercado

Robert Soliz & Stephanie Fishe

Prince de Fiesta

Markus Escobar


Grand Duke & Duchess

Duke de Valero

Juan Rodriguez

Duke de Espiritu Santos

Frankie Aguinaga

Duke & Duchess de San Francisco

Duke de San Miguel

Tony Juarez

Duke & Duchess de San Fernando

Thor Thomson & Sasha Taylor

Duke de Concepcion

Gus Rodriguez

Duke de San Juan

Chris Roper

Duke de Espada

Lawrence Ruffo


Countess de Sol

Countess de La Luna

Count & Countess de la Estrella


King Fathers

Jon Woodward Cuadrado & Jeffrey McGuire

Queen Mothers

The Lovely Michele & Esmeralda Kane Jaymes